Specialized Trip


Quick Facts

  • Dates: December 3-15, 2019

  • Cost: $2700 (estimate)

  • Application Deadline: Aug 1, 2019

  • Team Leader: Marlin Rice

  • Type of Trip: Specialized Trip

  • Organization: Hope Children’s Center


Description of ZAMBIA

Zambia is slightly larger than Texas and located in south-central Africa. It is a nation where the Gospel has gone forward in great ways, but has been challenged by false religions and extreme poverty. Cornerstone started the Hope Children’s Center in 2008 to feed orphaned children who are in foster care with local families. We also partner with Pastor Navice Kalunga to train local pastors in Biblical precepts and improved maize production. Our long-term goals include helping to bring the Gospel to some of the unreached and under-resourced areas in Zambia, as well as train orphan caregivers in sustainable agricultural development so that they have a reliable food supply.


Description of the Trip

Each year, Cornerstone sends a team to Serenje, Zambia to work with the Hope Children’s Center. Our goals on these trips include: pastor training, agricultural development, medical care, and facilities repair. As a Specialized Trip, the trip to Zambia will be for a very select group of people determined through an application process. We will look for Cornerstone members who want to have an on-going, long-term commitment to Zambia and possess expertise in the areas of ministry mentioned above.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Zambia and keeping up to date on opportunities to be involved in Zambia, then join the Zambia Updates & Information Interchange Group. You can also e-mail Marlin Rice at if you would like to learn more about the work in Zambia and your potential involvement.

You can express your interest for this trip by clicking the button below.  Write "Zambia Dec 2019" in the trip name box.

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