Community Development 

Located in Serenje, Zambia, the Hope Center is a focal point for orphan care, pastor training, and agricultural development. Partnering with Brookside Church in Omaha, we help provide a healthy meal, schooling, and biblical training for 50-60 local orphans six days a week. Agricultural development at the Hope Center focuses on maintenance and production of a diverse garden, orchard, and maize fields to help feed the orphans at the Center. Plus we work with widows and orphan caregivers in the bush churches to train and provide resources for more efficient and sustainable maize production. 


church strengthening

We desire to come alongside the Zambian church become strong as it faces diverging doctrines, cults and shallow theology. Therefore, our efforts not only include helping the orphans of Serenje, but teaching and equipping groups of pastors, as well.  we partner with the Zambians to provide training for rural pastors scattered throughout the African bush so that they can grow in the knowledge of the Lord and become good shepherds of their local churches. We regularly send Cornerstone staff, elders, and members to do pastor training.  Local pastors have a vision to plant 50 new churches in northern Zambia and we have a great opportunity to come alongside them to accomplish their goal. 


Pray with Us and Get Involved


  1. Pray for 50 churches to be planted over the next 10 years in Northern Zambia.
  2. Pray for these churches to have a great heart for the orphans who are in their midst.
  3. Pray for wisdom for Cornerstone as we discern how to train and help Zambians in a culturally helpful way.


  1. Pray for the churches of Zambia to have the heart and resources for taking care of the orphans.
  2. Pray for protection of the orphans and the feeding center from evil.
  3. Pray that feeding centers, like the Hope Center, would spring up amongst the 230 churches in the network we partner with in Zambia.

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