Often, when we consider cross-cultural ministry what first comes to our mind is folks in Hawaiian shirts, Chacos, and North Face bags who drink coffee, play basketball, and learn language full time to evangelize, disciple, and church plant amongst unreached peoples. While vocational missionaries are a great part of  the Great Commission team, there is an often unnoticed group of people who have played one of the most vital roles in God's global kingdom. These are the 9 to 5 workers are able to display Christ in their daily lives and gain access to countries and people who the traditional missionary no longer can.

Think about it. Access is one of the greatest difficulties for missionaries today. Yet, businessmen and women can get into almost any country in the world because they are providing value to the country by contributing to the community. As well, "platform stress," the inability to truthfully and confidently express who you are and what you do, brings many cross-cultural workers home. Those in the workplace have an answer to that question and ability to build relationships very naturally through the marketplace.

Worldwide there are anywhere from 7.6 million Americans worldwide doing business. If we think that, at a low estimate, 5% of those are evangelical Christians. That's 380,000 evangelical believers worldwide that, if mobilized, are an incredible missions force worldwide.

More and more American college students are wanting to take jobs overseas. There are opportunities in multi-national companies around the world in anything from teaching English, to agriculture, to software design, to engineering. You name it, it is available around the world. It is our desire with Cornerstone Global to place job-takers and job makers in the marketplaces.

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So where do you get started? There are 3 different pathways for job-taking long-term that we have determined. Each are based on the idea that learning language and culture is key for long-term overseas sustainability and success:

  1. Get a teaching job | A teaching job is one of the easier ways to be in the marketplace. In each one of our university centers there is a clear pathway to teach for 2+ years and be a part of university church planting teams.

  2. Spend 2 years learning language & culture | Through the overseas residency, one can spend a few years immersing one's self in language and culture. In that process discovering job taking or making opportunities in that city or country.

  3. Get a transferable job | Find a multinational company in America that offers opportunities to work abroad. Begin working in that environment with your eyes set to going overseas with that company someday.

Our preferred route is definitely the immersion in the culture through the overseas residency. We believe this has the highest likelihood of success and sustainability long-term in a country. So in the meantime what are some good things to be thinking about?

If you're a college student, are you in the right major?  Are you gaining a skill that will be transferrable to a job someday. Truly every major will be a blessing overseas, but here's a few majors that seem to really stand out:

  • Any Teaching Degree

  • English

  • Linguistics

  • Global Resource Systems

  • Accounting

  • Business

  • Agriculture

  • Tech

Check out this article on great majors for overseas workers


Overseas Internships

We have a few opportunities for overseas internships:

Long-term Teaching Opportunities

  • Teaching in East Asia | Teach high school students at a local English training center. Work alongside national brothers and sisters to bring the Gospel to these students and to university students in this key Salt Network Global location.

  • Teaching in SE Asia | Teach at a Christian private school in SE Asia. The school provides a very liveable salary. Being in the city allows you the opportunity to partner with one of our Salt Network Global Teams.

How do I discover job's overseas?

Here's some helpful resources to look to as you begin your search for a job overseas:

  1. Scatter Global Job Board | This is a new job board put out by Operation Mission that is really helpful for locating jobs and keeping your name in the mix for future jobs.

  2. Global Cities Initiative | The IMB has started the Global Cities Initiative in 5 cities around the world, focusing on getting limitless missionaries from all walks of life and through all funding methods to the ends of the earth.

  3. Crossworld | Crossworld is a leader in Business as Mission endeavors and have opportunities in many areas around the global for job-taking.

There are many multinational companies that work overseas. Here's a couple of resources for finding opportunities through multinational companies.

Keep in mind that job-taking can tricky. Over the coming years this is going to be an area that the missions world will be rapidly expanding in it's development and availability of opportunities. In the meantime, the above resources are really helpful as you begin to look for opportunities.

Whatever your interest, fill out the overseas interest form below and a Salt Network Global staff member will get in touch with you about a call or face to face meeting to begin the process towards getting a job overseas.