One of the incredible opportunities we have in America is the thousands of international students that come to study here in Ames, Iowa. 8% of Ames is an international student or professor; 12% of Iowa State. That's 4,000+ students and professors from over 100 countries. The opportunity to be salt and light to the ends of the earth that are actually your real neighbors is an incredible opportunity.

And this is something anyone can do. It can start with being a conversational English partner, befriend an international you meet at the store or on-campus. Here’s a list of some ways that you can get involved in welcoming the nations who are at Iowa State.

International Opportunities for Cornerstoners

Events in Ames Area to Meeting Internationals

After trying that, consider hosting and/or leading out in a IFC family group. The International Friendship Connection is one of the best global investments Cornerstone makes and sees regular around 100 students attending the 12+ family groups happening each week. If you're interested in any of these opportunities, contact Eric Warren at ewarren@cornerstonelife.com for more information or visit www.ifcinfo.com.