This country in Southeast Asia home to over 30 million people. The city we are focusing on is home to over 5 million people, of which 400,000 are university students on 30+ campus. This country is an incredible mixture of religions, philosophies, and religious freedoms. While some in the country are free to worship, because of their ethnicity, others are restricted to their current religion and will face extreme persecution for changing their religion.

In July 2018 a combination of Salt Network churches will be sending a team of families to this city with the hopes of planting churches amongst university students of all nationalities. We are looking to expand this team with full-time vocational ministry workers, as well as teachers, professionals and students. This City Team allows for the most diverse group of people to be involved in the work of any of our Global Partnerships.



  1. Pray for the new team as they prepare to go.
  2. Pray for Cornerstone and Salt Network church staff, members, and college students to be raised up to go to this city.
  3. Pray for the team as they navigate sharing the Gospel and starting churches with various ethnicities in the city.
  4. Pray for the 400,000 university students, specifically the persecuted students, to be softened to the Gospel message.