For the past 25 years, our network of churches has been sending students on overseas trips to areas all over the world. In all, over 1500 students have been sent on summer long-trips and over 100 over them on 2 year or more opportunities around the world. Our vision to plant churches in the US extends to the ends of the earth.

The cities in our network with University of Minnesota, University of Iowa, Kansas, Penn State, each of these cities have anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 university students. The cities we are going to around the world have 350k, 450k, 650k, and 1.5 million university students. The field are truly white unto the harvest.

Our network of churches has a vision to start church planting movements on 100 university cities around the world. Specifically in areas that have low or restricted access to the Gospel and in cities with over 100,000 university students.

Quick Facts

  • Costs: ~$5,500

  • Dates: Mid-May to Mid-July

  • Application Deadline: November TBD 2019

  • Locations: 10 Cities in East and SE Asia



  1. WORK IN AREAS OF LOW GOSPEL ACCESS - Although there are many needy regions of the world, we would like to focus on areas where the Gospel hasn't been preached; where the church is not established. Rom 15:20.

  2. ENGAGE LOCALS IN EVANGELISM - Although there are many ministries that focus on missionaries, we will focus on nationals, for projects that are less than two year, on English speakers.

  3. MINiSTRY TO CHURCH PLANT - Although there are many ministries that work overseas, we will focus on ministry that leads to starting and growing new churches. 1 Tim 3:15, Eph 3:10

  4. LIKE-MINDED LEADERSHIP - Although we would respect anyone working overseas, we will focus on working with people that have similar values as ours.

  5. WORK ON A TEAM WITH A TEAM - Although it is possible for individuals to be sent alone and work alone, we value sending teams to work with teams. Ecc 4:9-10.