What does it look like to be sent from a Salt Network church? We understand the high stakes that moving overseas is for the individuals and families going overseas, the team and work on the field, as well as the nationals that are encountered by our people. We desire to send missionaries that are ready for the opportunities God places before them in their destination they are sent to.

Starting PointS

  1. The best place to be developed is in the life of your church. Be on Salt Company, IFC, or Community Connection Group leadership to be developed in your character and your competency to disciple and lead others.

  2. Go on one of our Salt Company Summer Trips or a Community Global Trip to see the work personally.

  3. Communicate your interest to a Salt Company staff member or your church's missions leader.

  4. Apply for the overseas residency by filling out the initial interest form and self-assessment questionnaire. E-mail to get started.

For college students this process take from one's freshmen to junior year. For community members we expect involvement in one of our network church's for a minimum of 2 years before this process begins.  

Assessment Interview

After you have applied for the overseas residency your church's missions leader and the SNG team leader will walk through your application and conduct an interview with you. From there, they will give you either a green, yellow, or red light in moving forward. The Assessment Interview will happen for college students, the summer after their junior year, and for community members about 1 year before launch.


If you are given a green light to move forward in the process, your church's missions leader will work with you in three arenas of development:

  1. Goer Training Cohort - You will get together regularly in the semester before you leave with a cohort of other goers for some pre-field training.

  2. Personal Development Plan - You will work through areas of personal development to help prepare your soul for overseas life.

  3. Coaching - You will be personally coached by your church's missions leader through fundraising and your application with a sending agency.

This process for college students will take place the summer before their senior year and fall of senior year. We will make final decisions for overseas residents going in the fall by Christmas the year prior. For community members 1 year to 6 months prior to leaving.

Affirmation & Sending

After you have completed all your development steps, your church's missions leader, the Salt Network Global Team Leader, and your sending agency will give you the final affirmation to go. Your church will then commission you and send you to your place of ministry. This might feel like the end, but it is just the beginning!

Check out the following diagram to see our sending process.


Sending Process Handout (Oct 2018).jpg