While our main strategic focus is our university city teams, we know that God will lead some in our church to areas outside of our strategic focus. While the holistic support will not be as extensive, we desire to help our member missionaries find their place and role in God's kingdom. We partner with organizations that have a reach beyond our strategic partners to help our member missionaries get to where God is leading them. The International Mission Board out of Richmond Virginian and Crossworld out of Kansas City are our two main partner organizations.




international mission board (

The IMB is the global sending arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. The IMB has opportunities across the world for 2 year to career. From being a vocational missionary to a job taker, or a job taker. These pathways include:

  • Journeyman Program | Journeymen are recent college graduates with a passion to take the Gospel to unreached peoples around the globe. Serving as full-time, fully-funded church planters, they sign on for two to three year stints. Journeymen must be between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-six and have completed an undergraduate degree.

  • Global Cities Initiative | More than half of the world's population lives in global urban centers. To meet this growing trend, the IMB is piloting a new initiative to open multiple pathways to global cities.

  • Retirees | The IMB provides opportunities and pathways for retirees to spend their retirement serving in places and locations that maximize that stage of life.


crossworld (


Reliant (

Reliant is the main sending agency that we use to work with our University City teams. They are a great partner that helps us our people get overseas with stewardship and efficiency. To apply go to

Check out their websites and fill out the initial overseas interest form to begin the sending process through Cornerstone or your Salt Network Church and get in contact with the right people at the right time in one of these organizations.