cultural exposure trip


Meeting Dates

  • December 1 at 10a in the Missions Office

  • Each meeting will be 6:30-8p in the Conference Room Cornerstone

  • Wednesday January 22nd

  • Wednesday February 5th

  • Wednesday February 19th

  • Wednesday March 4th

Quick Facts

  • Dates: March 14-21, 2020

  • Application Deadline: Jan 1, 2020

  • Cost: $1700

  • Team Leader: Kris Dugger

  • Trip Type: Cultural Exposure Trip

  • Organization: Mission Starfish Haiti


Description of Haiti

Haiti is the most poverty-impacted nation in the Western Hemisphere. This nation of former Ghanian slaves has been ravaged with poverty for the entirety of its existence.  The problem of Haiti only grew with the 2010 earthquake.  There are quite a few NGOs working in Haiti.  Sometimes helping, sometimes hurting.  We believe the work of Mission Starfish Haiti is very helpful to the overall state of the nation.  Starting with education for young people in a Christian setting, and a vision to create job opportunities for graduates to be a part of.  Mission Starfish has a very holistic approach to their work.


Description of the Trip

This is a great trip for singles, couples, or families that want exposure to what life is like cross-culturally. We have a great partner in Silentor Eshitil- Henderson who desires to expose Americans to the needs in Haiti and encourage them to be advocates for the ministry.

Short-term trips solidify the work we are a part of in Haiti.  On these trips you will have the opportunity to spend time with the children at Mission Starfish; be exposed to the needs and challenges of Haiti; spend time with children; pour concrete floors to prevent diseases in homes; for some do pastor training; and much more.

This is a great trip for those wanting a cross-cultural experience for them and their family. This is also a great trip for those who would want to invest their lives in the work in Haiti through regular trips and being a part of the Haiti Advocacy Team that meets regularly to further the work in Haiti.

For more information, join the Haiti Updates & Information Interchange Group. Or set up a meeting with Kris Dugger at kdugger@mcfarlandclinic.com to hear more about Mission Starfish and consider how you will be involved beyond your trip.

You can express interest in this trip by clicking the button below.  Write "Haiti March 2020" in the trip box on the form.