Community development

Mission Starfish Haiti provides an education for K-8 children in a Christian setting.  Students are able to receive education from sponsorships at $30 per month. This allows some of the poorest children in the Western Hemisphere to obtain an education.  Each year the school adds a grade level.  God willing, the MSH school will some day provide K-12 classes.

Cornerstone has partnered with founder Silentor Esthil-Henderson, the MSH teaching staff, the children who are students and their neighborhood families to share God’s love and provide the kids with a hope and a future through Gospel-centered education.

One of the ways Cornerstone will partner with Mission Starfish will be through short-term trips to Gonaives, Haiti.  On these trips, Cornerstone members will be involved in projects such as: construction, medical relief, pastor training, providing food for students and families, and being there in person to share God’s love with the students and families. 

As well, we are also partnering with the Eglise Evangelique Etoile Church to do pastor training.  We regularly send down Cornerstone pastors to help train these pastors in Gospel-Centered ministry. 


Pray with Us & Get Involved

  1. Pray for wisdom for Cornerstone leadership in how to truly help the needs that are in Haiti.
  2. Pray for the school to be a way to not only develop young people, but to plant the Gospel in their lives, their families, and this nation.
  3. Pray for students and their families to join the church this school is closely linked to.


For more information contact Kris Dugger at: kdugger@mcfarlandclinic.com.

Visit the Mission Starfish Haiti website at: http://mshaiti.org/.