As a church we have formed strategic partnerships around the world in 3 main areas: 1) church planting; 2) church strengthening; and 3) Community Development

Church Planting

Many places in the world are in need of the Gospel and churches that will further its great message in hard to reach places. We are focusing our global church planting efforts on prayer, sending of short-term teams and funding of long-term teams in six strategic locations. As a Salt Network church, we are also a part of the Salt Network Global which is pursuing Gospel Church Movements in 100 university cities around the world through Salt Network members abroad and other key partners. We also support organizations that bring the Gospel through near culture missionaries to areas in which they are often more effective than Westerners.

Church Strengthening

In places where the Gospel has moved and maybe even has been for some time, churches are in need of strengthening. Often, Christians and churches exist but are a mile wide and an inch deep. We desire to send Cornerstone staff and elders to do pastor training in these places to strengthen and grow churches globally.  We also support financially existing organizations that provide indigenous pastor training in a way that’s more effective and culturally relevant than Western training.

Community Development

There are also many places where the church is established or being established, but the justice and mercy needs are beyond the capabilities of the local church to take care of.  In these places we are offering financial and church strengthening resources to help these churches take care of the needs of their people. In these places we desire to take our help beyond simply relief and aid, but to development. That of their dignity and capability to lead toward sustainability.


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University Church Planting

This country in Southeast Asia home to over 30 million people. The city we are focusing on is home to over 5 million people, of which 400,000 are university students on 30+ campus. This country is an incredible mixture of religions, philosophies, and religious freedoms. While some in the country are free to worship, because of their ethnicity, others are restricted to their current religion and will face extreme persecution for changing their religion.

In July 2018 a combination of Salt Network churches will be sending a team of families to this city with the hopes of planting churches amongst university students of all nationalities. We are looking to expand this team with full-time vocational ministry workers, as well as teachers, professionals and students. This City Team allows for the most diverse group of people to be involved in the work of any of our Global Partnerships.


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. Pray for the new team as they prepare to go.
  2. Pray for Cornerstone and Salt Network church staff, members, and college students to be raised up to go to this city.
  3. Pray for the team as they navigate sharing the Gospel and starting churches with various ethnicities in the city.
  4. Pray for the 400,000 university students, specifically the persecuted students, to be softened to the Gospel message.


University Church Planting

Cornerstone and the Salt Network churches have been sending short-term teams to East Asia every summer since 2006. With over 1.6 billion people, 48 unreached minority groups, some of the fastest growing economies in the world, and a great movement of God, East Asia is a very strategic place for global church planting.

We, as a part of the Salt Network Global are focusing our long-term sending on 4 cities in East Asia. One with 1.5 million university students, 400,000 students, 600,000, and another city of 500,000 university students. These cities are hubs for summer, mid-term, and long-term opportunities in East Asia across our network. These cities not only align well with our unique calling to university students, but provide great opportunities to mobilize East Asian students to reach the unreached minority groups in their countries and the ends of the earth.


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. Pray for the 14 Salt Company summer teams going in summer 2019.

  2. Pray for the four long-term teams in these cities.

  3. Pray for the hearts of university students and those amongst the unreached people groups to be softened to the Gospel.


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University Church Planting

Southeast Asia is home to many different religions, philosophies, and most of all people. Over 600 million. In the country and city in which we are focusing on there are over 300,000 university students in a city of 7+ million people. For the past 6 years we have sent short-term teams to this city and have seen many university students come to know Jesus.

In December 2016 Salt Network churches sent our first long-term workers to this Southeast Asian city. We are looking in the coming years to build a team of 2-3 families and singles that will be a part of the church planting movement in this city. This city offers unique opportunities for those wanting to do ministry as their vocation and those wanting to ministry through their teaching vocation.


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. Pray for Cornerstone & Salt Network staff, members, and college students to be raised up to go to Southeast Asia.
  2. Pray for the 300,000 university students to be softened to the Gospel message.
  3. Pray for the Salt Network church members serving in Southeast Asia to be filled with God's love.










For the past few years, Cornerstone has supported Serve India ministries. This ministry seeks bring the Gospel to India, through pastor training. The money we give towards this ministry helps the training and ongoing spiritual support of 40 Indian missionaries amongst unreached people groups in Northern India. This is dollar for dollar one of the best investments we make as a church in the nations.

Persecution is ramping up in this country and it is becoming more difficult to publicly meet and proclaim the Gospel. As well it is becoming more difficult for NGO's and foreign missionaries to stay in the country and to proclaim the Gospel. Therefore the need to train and network pastors is not only smart, it's necessary.


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. Pray for the Christians of India to be bold and creative in the midst of persecution.

  2. Pray for Serve India ministries to continue to find, raise up, and train pastors in theology and Gospel-centered ministry practices.

  3. Pray for our church to continue to be a blessing to Serve India ministries in whatever way we can.




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The Daniel Project helps to bring the Gospel to Turkey through close culture missionaries from Moldova, Macedonia, and Albania. Supporting near culture missionaries is often a more effective way to reach cultures that are very different than ours.  The six missionaries we support through the Daniel Project are able to adapt to the culture and contextualize the Gospel in a way that is better for the ongoing work of the Kingdom in that place than other Westerners might do.


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. Pray workers to be raised up from surrounding countries to go to Turkey.

  2. Pray for opportunities and open doors to share the Gospel.






church strengthening

Tirana, Albania is where Cornerstone became a local church with a global vision.  Out of our initial trips to Albania in 1994 and 1995 we were able to connect with a local pastor who started Cornerstone Church of Tirana. This church has grown to over 150 members. The Albanian church, though only 20 years old is thriving. However, only .5% of the people are Christians. We have a great opportunity as a church to effect Christianity in Albania in a way that is uniquely Cornerstone, unlike any other place in the world.

There are also great opportunities through Albania to accomplish our Global visions in Central Asia and the Middle East.  Half of the 6 million Albanians in the world live outside of Albania.  They are a culture and people that easily adapts to cross-cultural opportunities. Quite possibly one of the best ways we can effect Central Asia and the Mid-East will be through partnership with Albanians. What will God do next? 


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. For Cornerstone leadership to correctly partner with the Albanian church to strengthen it in a uniquely Cornerstone and Albanian way.
  2. For short-term trips to help spread the Gospel broadly in a country where 99.5% of people do not believe.
  3. Pray for the Albanian workers we are connected to, to be influential in changing the culture of this country to be open to the Gospel message.


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Community Development 

Located in Serenje, Zambia, the Hope Center is a focal point for orphan care, pastor training, and agricultural development. Partnering with Brookside Church in Omaha, we help provide a healthy meal, schooling, and biblical training for 50-60 local orphans six days a week. Agricultural development at the Hope Center focuses on maintenance and production of a diverse garden, orchard, and maize fields to help feed the orphans at the Center. Plus we work with widows and orphan caregivers in the bush churches to train and provide resources for more efficient and sustainable maize production. 


church strengthening

We desire to come alongside the Zambian church become strong as it faces diverging doctrines, cults and shallow theology. Therefore, our efforts not only include helping the orphans of Serenje, but teaching and equipping groups of pastors, as well.  we partner with the Zambians to provide training for rural pastors scattered throughout the African bush so that they can grow in the knowledge of the Lord and become good shepherds of their local churches. We regularly send Cornerstone staff, elders, and members to do pastor training.  Local pastors have a vision to plant 50 new churches in northern Zambia and we have a great opportunity to come alongside them to accomplish their goal. 


Pray with Us and Get Involved


  1. Pray for 50 churches to be planted over the next 10 years in Northern Zambia.
  2. Pray for these churches to have a great heart for the orphans who are in their midst.
  3. Pray for wisdom for Cornerstone as we discern how to train and help Zambians in a culturally helpful way.


  1. Pray for the churches of Zambia to have the heart and resources for taking care of the orphans.
  2. Pray for protection of the orphans and the feeding center from evil.
  3. Pray that feeding centers, like the Hope Center, would spring up amongst the 230 churches in the network we partner with in Zambia.

For more information contact Marlin Rice at:


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Community development

Mission Starfish Haiti provides an education for K-8 children in a Christian setting.  Students are able to receive education from sponsorships at $30 per month. This allows some of the poorest children in the Western Hemisphere to obtain an education.  Each year the school adds a grade level.  God willing, the MSH school will some day provide K-12 classes.

Cornerstone has partnered with founder Silentor Esthil-Henderson, the MSH teaching staff, the children who are students and their neighborhood families to share God’s love and provide the kids with a hope and a future through Gospel-centered education.

One of the ways Cornerstone will partner with Mission Starfish will be through short-term trips to Gonaives, Haiti.  On these trips, Cornerstone members will be involved in projects such as: construction, medical relief, pastor training, providing food for students and families, and being there in person to share God’s love with the students and families. 

As well, we are also partnering with the Eglise Evangelique Etoile Church to do pastor training.  We regularly send down Cornerstone pastors to help train these pastors in Gospel-Centered ministry. 


Pray with Us & Get Involved

  1. Pray for wisdom for Cornerstone leadership in how to truly help the needs that are in Haiti.
  2. Pray for the school to be a way to not only develop young people, but to plant the Gospel in their lives, their families, and this nation.
  3. Pray for students and their families to join the church this school is closely linked to.


For more information contact Kris Dugger at:

Visit the Mission Starfish Haiti website at:





Community Development

Thailand has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the world due to the mass breakdown of family units, poor education, and rampant prostitution. In 2012 there were 130,000 teen pregnancies reported. The Thai Health Minister estimates the actual number was double that which is an extraordinary number in a country of around 70 million people. Teen pregnancy increased by 43% between 2000 and 2011 and continues to rise. In 2012, 1 in every 23 female adolescents aged 15-19 in Ubon province reported an unexpected pregnancy.

In Thai culture, sex is not discussed openly in public or the home. The deep shame from an unexpected pregnancy often leads to abortions, suicide and girls being abandoned by their families, schools, and community. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist which teaches that abortion is sin and therefore is illegal; yet illegal abortion clinics thrive. In 2009, there were over 60,000 hospitalizations due to complications associated with abortions. Currently, female adolescents who have an unexpected pregnancy are 7x more likely to commit suicide than their peers. The nearest crisis pregnancy home to Ubon is about a 9 hour drive away. The need is evident and we’re anxious to see what great things God is going to do through this project.

Marcus and Bum Fey, former Cornerstone members, have opened the Light Center to meet this need and over the next few years will be expanding their ministry to include more women in need and better development training for them moving forward.  As a part of Cornerstone's Global vision we are partnering regularly with the Light Center to meet their on-going expenses and expand their reach.


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. Pray for God's favor on the new phase of The Light Center.
  2. Pray for many women in Thailand to choose life for their unborn babies.
  3. Pray for women to be developed to thrive in Thai society with their newborn babies.
  4. Pray for the Gospel to take root in the lives of these women and their babies.

For more information contact Marcus Fey at:







community Development

Acts 2 Collective is a non-profit organization with work focused both in Ghana, Africa and Des Moines, Iowa. In Ghana their outreach improves the lives of many in the village of Asikuma, where the majority of their Ghana outreach is done. In Iowa, their outreach is through our basketball programming. Both of these outreach methods provide platforms for being the hands and feet of Christ by serving others and sharing the gospel.

Three to four times each year, Acts 2 Collective takes mission teams to Ghana. These teams are made up of a wide variety of individuals, potentially including athletes, coaches or family members of the Kingdom Hoops program, church members, individuals looking into adoption, or anyone interested in getting involved with Africa outreach. The purpose of these trips is to meet the needs that they encounter as they spend time in the areas. They also use these trips to build relationships with individuals that will work alongside their organization in Ghana or individuals that need their support and assistance. There are also ways to be involved financially, through prayer, and helping advocate for the work in Ghana amongst Cornerstone members.

Moving forward, Acts 2 Collective will be looking towards bring the Gospel to unreached people groups in Africa through basketball programs.


Pray with Us and Get Involved

  1. Pray for Acts 2 Collective to meet the needs of orphans in Ghana.
  2. Pray for more kids from Ghana to be adopted by Cornerstone families.
  3. Pray for Acts 2 Collective, as they look to what’s next few them in Africa.