14 cents of every dollar given to the Cornerstone general fund goes towards Global ministry, which means over $700,000 is mobilized. Some of these activities include giving to outside organizations doing great work, members involved in ministries around the globe, and ministries that Cornerstone is directly involved with. Those who give financially to the Cornerstone general fund significantly participate together in what God is doing globally and can trust that those dollars are stewarded well. Through our global giving we are able to fund give:

  • Global Church Planting | $240,000 | Efforts include: supporting over 31 missionaries from our church and network doing university church planting in East Asia and Southeast Asia; supporting over 30 Cornerstone member missionaries throughout the world; and near culture missionaries in Central Asia; mobilizing US churches to adopt university cities around the world.

  • Global Church Strengthening | $65,000 | Efforts include: supporting the work of Serve India ministries; supporting Albanian pastors; and support for pastor training and networking for Zambian pastors.

  • Global Community Development Efforts | $85,000 | Efforts include: supporting the Hope Center in Zambia; The Light Center in Thailand; Mission Starfish Haiti; and Acts 2 Collective in Ghana.

  • Local International Ministry | $110,000 | The ministry of International Friendship Connection (IFC)

  • Short-term Trip Scholarships | 90,000 | Trip scholarships for high school, Salt Company, and community trips globally.

  • Staffing and Administration | 90,000 | Staffing and administration for global missions.


The global team regularly assesses our giving efforts to make sure we are giving to organizations that do great work, as well as assess new opportunities to give to. When giving we look at:

  • Fit with our vision, strategies, and values | While there are incredibly great organizations and endeavors to be a part of, we will give to organizations and endeavors that fit within our core strategies of church planting, church strengthening, and community development.

  • Involvement from multiple members | Any organization or endeavor we are a part of has begun from multiple member's involvement in that ministry.

  • Good financial investments | With any of these organizations and endeavors, we regularly assess whether they are operating with great financial stewardship.

To learn more about the organizations we go to, visit the Partnerships page, or e-mail



Our encouragement for every Cornerstone member is to first give to the ministry of the church so the leadership can rightly appropriate funds to the needed ministries in our church. As you look to give above and beyond, click on one of the links below to give to one of these ministries:

  • Salt Network Global | Supports our Salt Network Global personnel overseas doing church planting amongst university students.

  • Hope Center Zambia | Supports the work of pastor training, orphan care, and upkeep of the facility in Zambia.

  • Adoptions | Over the past 10 years we’ve been able to giver $250,000 to adoptions. These designated funds will be dispersed to families adopting and to support families who have been adopted or do foster care.

  • South Africa Transitional Living | Supports the work of the Niehoff’s transitional living efforts for young adults.


As a church we are able to direct funding to some incredible ministries around the world with the expertise to make a unique impact on the world. As you consider giving above and beyond your gifts to the Cornerstone general fund, we would highly recommend these ministries for their vision, philosophy of ministry, and strategy: