Quick Facts

  • Costs: Paid Internship

  • Dates: May to December 2019

  • Place: City in East Asia

  • Application Deadline: April 1, 2019

  • Trip Type: Internship

  • Organization: IMMI


Description of the Trip

Through the world there are Christian companies that are able to do outreach to unreached places through legitimate business in places normal overseas workers would never be able to go. For many of you, you have a heart to share the Gospel overseas, but would also like to use your major and God-given talents.

We have a great opportunity in a city in East Asia to do just that. In this city is an American company that has Christian leadership. This trip gives engineering and business majors an opportunity to an internship overseas in a factory that makes baby seat-belts, while getting to spent time doing ministry in the community. This is a paid internship. You will spend 3 months at company headquarters in Indiana and then in East Asia for 4 months

Requirements:  Upperclassmen in engineering or business.  A partner of the same gender to live, work, and do ministry with for the semester.

To apply for this trip, send your resume to missions@cornerstonelife.com