Taking the gospel to the nations is not an easy task. As overseas workers go out to proclaim the good news, they often become discouraged and consider quitting. Why? They feel as if they are entirely on their own, without the active support of sending brothers and sisters who can uphold, encourage, provide, and pray for them. 

Cornerstone Global's vision is to see each of our overseas workers supported by individuals and Connection Groups who are praying for, communicating with, our overseas workers. If you as an individual or your group be willing to adopt an overseas worker and provide care, here's some next steps:

  1. Talk it over as a group. Pray about it as a group.  Discern your ability and willingness, as a group, to commit the time, energy, resources, and relational investment necessary to love one of our overseas workers well, “in a manner worthy of God” (verse 6).
  2. Contact the missions team with your interest, and we will help you find an overseas worker family that will be a good fit for your group.
  3. Designate a person in your group who will be the overseas worker care leader. This person/couple will connect with both the overseas worker family.
  4. Get started.  There are numerous ways you can care for your overseas worker. See some of the ways below or do something creative.


ways you can bless overseas workers

  • Prayer | Get prayer requests from your overseas worker either through their updates or through a smaller prayer update, and pray as a group once a month or every couple of months. Check out the Prayer Updates form. 
  • Communication | Have personal conversations with your overseas worker.  Consider a Skype call them once a season or a couple of times a year.  Write e-mails or letters once a month or a season.
  • Care packages | Commit to send a care package or Amazon gift card to your overseas worker once a year or more.
  • Have them visit | When your overseas worker is in the U.S., have them come and visit your group.
  • Visit them | Consider having group members visit your overseas worker on the field. People could do this individually or you could do this as a group, if possible.

*Different groups might be able to go above and beyond these ideas listed above, great! Some groups might struggle to pray once a month for their overseas worker. Some overseas workers might want this level of involvement, some might want less. Do what the Lord leads you and your overseas worker to do, but at minimum try to keep up with the overseas worker's updates and pray for them once a month.

Content for this page is based largely the article: Don't Forget About Your Missionaries by Sojourn Church