The Light Center

Almost 5 years ago, Cornerstone helped launch a crisis pregnancy center in Thailand called The Light Center. Over time the ministry has grown and branched into also providing foster care for children waiting to be adopted and walking with sexual abuse victims through their recovery and pursuit of justice. With more people needing to go in different directions on any given day, The Light Center is in need of a 2nd vehicle.

For example, The Light Center often does home visits of abuse victims and it's not uncommon for them to be joined by government social workers, prosecutors, and other community members. On the same day, their staff may need to take multiple mothers to the hospital for a checkup, or visit a courthouse to submit paperwork on a pending case. Trying to accomplish all of this with only 1 vehicle has become challenging which is why Cornerstone is donating $5,000 to their vehicle campaign.

Marcus Fey

Shannon Ness