Guatemala Volcano Relief

In June, 2018, a group of Cornerstone families spent a week in Guatemala, seeing God at work in a culture very different from our own. Time was split between two main projects, serving at the House of Hope children’s home and helping a family build a house in a local village.

House of Hope

We spent a day and a half at House of Hope helping with various tasks like deep cleaning, painting, organizing and, of course, feeding and playing with kids. We also got to take some of the kids for a walk to the corner store for ice cream while the nannies had uninterrupted discipleship time!


Two and a half days were spent in a village helping a local family build a home. While adults worked on the house, the kids stayed busy playing with children of the village who gathered to watch.

Volcano Relief

Three weeks before the team left for Guatemala, the volcano Fuego erupted and caused massive destruction. Two entire villages were buried with ash and lava. A local church in Escuintla has used its buildings to house and feed 120 people from 25 families displaced by the volcano. Cornerstone sent $5,000 that will be used by that church to help the families buy property and rebuild homes using both local resources and future teams.

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