Serve India Ministries

Cornerstone has supported Serve India Minstries for the past 6 years. This ministry serves to network and train pastors throughout India. For 5 years, these pastors are required to plant 5 churches amongst the unreached peoples of India.Each year we give $15,000 that helps support the training and networking of 30 pastors in Northwest India.

As a part of these pastors outreach, SIM is doing vacation Bible school for 20,000 kids in India. At just $1 a week for each kid, it's an incredible opportunity for many to hear the Gospel and for the church to be furthered in this country. 

As a church we hope to send 5,000 kids to VBS in India by providing $5,000 to Serve India Ministries. But we aren't just going to give this as a church, we see an opportunity for kids throughout Cornerstone to learn more about the world and give sacrificially to brining the Gospel to the ends of the earth. So at VBS this year, we are asking each kid to consider bringing some money they have earned from their allowance or through jobs they do at home to VBS on Tuesday. We will also have opportunities through the final night to help support this opportunity. Cornerstone's Global Missions fund will also send money to help in this effort.

It's not just cross-cultural missionaries or pastors that can be involved in global missions. God wants every person, young or old to be a part of bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Check out this video for more info.

Michael Easton