Salt Company Summer Teams

Each year, Cornerstone sends Salt teams to major university campus' around the world. The cities they are able to go to have hundreds of thousands of university students. On these campus' nationals speak English and are interested in getting to know American students. As Salt students befriend them, they have the opportunity to share the Gospel, help some come to know Jesus, and plug them in to local churches we are a part of starting.

God has blessed us with opportunity to see future pastors, missionaries, school teachers, engineers, moms, & dads come to know Jesus. Beyond simply the Gospel movement students get to see, God always does an incredible life-changing work in their hearts. Through entering into a new culture, being around the same people for a summer, and being away from friends and family, God breaks down our students pride and selfishness, and brings them back to America more like Jesus and with greater missional fervor.

As a church we were able to give 10% of the trip costs for each of these students and 20% for team leaders, which totals up to over $25,000 for Salt summer team scholarships. Thank you for giving to the Cornerstone general fund that allows us to partner together to provide this opportunity for these students for the furthering of the Gospel in these places where many will not have the opportunity to hear.

We would love your prayers for these students. You can pray for: 

  1. Openness to the Gospel amongst national university students.

  2. For team unity and love for one another.

  3. For Salt summer team members to have their hearts shaped through their circumstances to be more like Jesus.

If you would like to receive updates from Salt summer trips, e-mail Hannah Beth at: to receive updates of our summer teams and to pray for them.

Michael Easton