Indonesia Tsunami Relief

On September 28th, Indonesia was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that set off a tsunami that has killed over 1,700 and another 2,500 injured. Indonesia is a predominately Muslim country with Christians populating just 2.8% of their population. We know God often uses tragedy for his glory. Let’s pray that the Gospel would go forward in the wake of the hopelessness that surrounds this disaster.

As we pray, we also want to be a blessing to the needs Indonesia. As a church we give $7,500 per year to Baptist Global Response to help those who have been affected by natural disasters around the world. Baptist Global Response provides relief and blessing for those who have been affected by natural disasters. They are the fourth largest relief organization in America and a leading organization worldwide.

Experts say that the best way to help those who have been affected by natural disasters is to partner with existing organizations. The most important way to partner is through financial giving. Experts, however, also suggest that if you want to physically help, you go on a team that is led by the existing organization rather than going on your own. Organizations see the bigger picture of where relief is really needed and what type is needed. If you’re interested in going to help with a natural disaster at home or abroad, consider joining a Baptist Global Response Team. You can signup at:

Thank you for giving to Cornerstone. 40% of what is given to Cornerstone goes towards church planting, church strengthening and community development in our community, the US and the world. Your generous giving allows us, together, to respond to needs like this that arise in our broken world.

Michael Easton