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Cornerstone global exists to mobilize and send out healthy members to plant and strengthen churches in global university cities.


Cornerstone Global exists

Cornerstone is a church with a focus on the next generation of university students and the Salt Network is a partnership that has allowed us to take what is happening in our churches to our country. As we do that nationally, we also desire to empower and partner one another in the expansion of God's global kingdom. 

to Mobilize and Send Out Healthy Members

As a church, we seek to send out healthy members that exhibit proven character, proven competency, and strong biblical convictions. Sending is an ongoing relationship between the one sent out and their local church which includes assessment and development of those being sent. It also involves mobilizing our members who stay by providing ongoing care for overseas workers, prayer, accountability and committed financial support. 

To plant and Strengthen churches

Cornerstone overseas workers are focused on evangelism and discipleship, as well as starting reproducing churches, and strengthening existing churches to meet the needs of their community.

IN Global university Cities

God is a missionary God who desires to see his glory spread to all nations. Therefore, we send global missionaries to university cities where the Gospel hasn’t been or where it has been forgotten. As the world’s population becomes increasingly urban, we believe the university is the training and sending center for reaching the city, the country, and the world.



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Church Planting | We believe the local church to be the hope of the world. As we bring the Gospel and make disciples of all nations, any effort to do so will be around the local, autonomous expression of the church. Where there is no church, we want to start them. God has uniquely led us to planting churches in university centers, where American college students & long-term workers can sustainably live and be a blessing to the movement of the Gospel, and where nationals can be mobilized to go to the ends of the earth.

Church Strengthening | Where the church exists we will strengthen it through pastor training and networking. Churches can often be a mile wide and an inch deep. We desire to strengthen the church where it exists because we believe often the existing church will be stronger in reaching their surroundings than Westerners will be. 

Community Development | The Gospel is to be proclaimed and demonstrated. We want to mobilize our church to not only proclaim the Gospel but to demonstrate it to the poverty impacted locally and globally. We will do this alongside local churches, as we strengthen them and empower them to meet the needs of their community.




In the myriad of opportunities around the world, what are we uniquely called to as a church. As we look to fund great organizations doing global work and start global endeavors as a church, these have to not only fit our vision and our strategies, but also our values.

Gospel-Centered | All that we do will be for the purpose of bringing the Gospel through proclamation and demonstration to a lost world.

Church Centric | Ministry endeavors will be about starting the church or strengthening it. Community development will happen alongside the church. 

Next Generation (University Students) | Our unique vision is to make disciples amongst the next generation of university students. Therefore our efforts in church planting will be centered around areas of high collegiate population.

Cities | As the world becomes increasingly more urban and most universities are in cities, we will focus more on cities than rural ministry.

Global Partnerships | We will focus our efforts on a few global partnerships that fit our unique calling as a church, rather than many. We will not have a shotgun approach to missions, but a rifle approach.

Sending Church | We will strive to be a good sending church for our people. "A Sending Church is a local community of Christ-followers who have made a covenant together to be prayerful, deliberate, and proactive in developing, commissioning, and sending their own members both locally and globally, often in partnership with other churches or agencies, and continuing to encourage, support, and advocate for them while making disciples cross-culturally.” – Zach Bradley in Sending Church Defined.

Teaming | We value doing ministry on a team and amongst a plurality of leadership, not on islands or as individuals.

Member Involvement | We value ministry efforts that either currently involve our members and have the trajectory to strategically involve our members. We desire to have all of our members involved in impacting  the globe.

Raising Up Leaders | We want to consistently raise up the next generation of leaders. We will work hard to not simply do the work ourselves, but raise up strong leaders that can set the pace for their church, bring the Gospel contextually and grow towards autonomy.

Indigeneity | We believe the best people to reach and impact a community is the community. Therefore we will work at a speed that highly involves and gives ownership to nationals and avoid the temptation of quick growth models.

Autonomy | We believe the Bible instructs churches to be autonomous and self-governing. We will avoid creating denominations or endeavors that leave nationals dependent on us.

Near Culture | As we desire to bring the Gospel to all nations, we want to reach near cultures that we are uniquely gifted to reach. As well, we want to impact and mobilize peoples we believe will be able to reach the ends of the earth more easily, efficiently, and contextually than we will. This will often look like doing church planting amongst nearer cultures with low Gospel access, as well as church strengthening in areas where we believe the church can be mobilized to the ends of the earth. 

Supporting | In areas where it makes no sense for our people to have direct impact due to cultural distance or expertise, we support organizations financially that excelling at these goals.