Cornerstone Global exists to mobilize and send out healthy members & resources to plant and strengthen churches in strategic partnerships around the world.



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Bringing the Gospel to all nations doesn’t just happen overseas. It starts here in central Iowa, in our church, in our relationships, and in our hearts. God desires that, as we are blessed, we are a blessing to the world in The unique WAYs HE HAS GIFTED US.



In Luke 10:2 Jesus tells us that one of the greatest ways that we can participate in the expansion of the Gospel to the ends of the earth is to pray. Get signed up to pray for Cornerstone overseas workers and to pray for the unreached people groups of the world.

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In Central Iowa, those from the ends of the earth have come to us. With over 4,000 international students at Iowa State, we have an incredible opportunity to bring the Gospel to students from over 100 countries, most from countries that have little to no Gospel access. There is an opportunity for everyone to love the sojourner in our city.



Being an overseas worker is difficult, living away from friends and family, having your foundational ideas of culture, worldview, language, sights, smells, and tastes taken away from you. But most importantly, your relationships and family are not as accessible. As a church, we desire to take care of those who have been sent from Cornerstone to the ends of the earth. How will you participate? 



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We have an incredible opportunity in our day and age to be exposed to the needs of the world and to have our personal and family's worldview shaped by being exposed to people of other cultures. Cornerstone offers numerous cultural exposure trips for our members to be a blessing to our overseas partners and to learn from the faith of our dear brothers and sisters overseas.



With over 3 billion in the people in the world that have restricted or low access to the Gospel, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. As a church, we desire to send healthy members into cross-cultural settings to bring the Gospel to the next generation of university students. Learn more about the 2-year overseas residency through the Salt Network Global and opportunities to work overseas.

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As a church and network of churches, we not only have a unique calling to reach the university students of North America, but also of the world. Through the Salt Network Global we are planting churches, with Salt Network members, amongst the next generation of university students in these key global partnerships.

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University church planting amongst three cities of 3 million university students on over 200 campuses.

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Southeast asia

University church planting amongst 300,000 university students on 30 campuses.

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University church planting amongst 400,000 students on 40 campuses.


The Gospel has gone to many places in the world where there are churches, but are in need of strengthening. We strengthen churches through training pastors, networking churches, and helping churches rise out of poverty.

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ZAMBIA | the Hope Center

Pastor training and community development through the ministry of the Hope Center.

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Haiti | Mission starfish

Education for over 400 children in poverty, as well as pastor training and networking.


Thailand | The Light Center

Short-term relief and long-term development for vulnerable young pregnant women.

I make it my ambition to preach the Gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I building on someone else’s foundation, but as it is written, ‘Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand.’
— Romans 15:20-21
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The Story of God's Glory

The Bible is basically a story about God. When we turn to the Bible as a self-help book, we end up bored or frustrated with what seems to be a rambling collection of stories. What if the Bible is more about God than it is about us?

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Theology of Work

For centuries, the Church has viewed pastoral and missionary work as being the most spiritual way of serving God and others, with “full-time ministry” being an elite category. But all God’s people are full-time disciples of Jesus, wherever they live and work.

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When Helping Hurts

Poverty is much more than simply a lack of material resources, and it takes much more than donations and handouts to solve it. Some alleviation efforts, failing to consider the complexities of poverty, have actually (and unintentionally) done more harm than good.